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2014 – My Giving Year

2014 January 1
by Bill

Its 2:30am on Jan 1, 2014 and I sit here with my 7&7 looking back on the interesting (and I use that term loosely) year 2013 turned out to be. I achieved so many milestones, some I honestly never even existed for me. Run a Half Marathon, TWICE IN ONE YEAR? Yeah, Riiiiight!!! I did it. Three Tough Mudders – DONE! Maintained my weight after loosing 75 pounds – Check. Although, for the record … the month of December I “Might” have added a few “winter” pounds to help with this “cold” weather we get in California. Either way … my new workout routine starts … ok, Tomorrow!

2013 was my year of being extreme (I got that idea from my buddy Josh Wilson) .. I think my year turned out to be pretty extreme, indeed. In more ways than one. I’ve spent the last couple months thinking about what this next year will center around. I’ve tossed it out to my Facebook network and I have discussed it with friends and family. I’m proud to say this year is going to be my “Giving Year”

This year I will be in the giving mood … Love, Advice, Inspiration, Guidance, Motivation, Kindness, Acceptance, Grace, Time, Thought, Heart, Blessings.  Its all here, in me, to give … Freely!  I will be helping people through tough times, I will be driving people to become stronger, more confident, proud, powerful.  I will help my friends reach goals they have set for themselves – This will be a GREAT year!!!

I’m glad to close the books on 2013, it couldn’t have come soon enough.  I’ve learned some really tough lessons and I have come out a little wiser, a little scarred, a little tired … but I have come out of it … I’m now standing in front of a blank canvass, turning my vision inward and looking at myself, wondering ….

Whats.  Next.

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