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A New Three Ring Circus

2010 June 4
by Bill

TV today has become the new Circus.  I remember when The Learning Channel had informative and interesting shows (maybe) … now it seems like the tabloids have taken over our airwaves and the general public is eating it up like fat kids at an ice cream buffet.  The show that pushed me over the edge to write this post is “Toddlers and Tiaras” … have you seen this gem?  Quick rundown for ya … 3 year old girls are dolled up like prostitutes and their moms make them walk around on a run way trying to win beauty contests.  To me that is borderline child abuse.  For one … are the people coming to these freak shows researched?  How many child molesters show up to shows like this … its sick and their adult handlers (’cause they aint parents) should be hung upside down and beaten.

Next on the list … Kate plus 8.  No more Jon?  Well, since the divorce I am sure Kate was worried about the kids well being, mental stability and providing them a safe place to grow up, of course after she tromped around Dancing with the Stars looking like a Clydesdale Horse on Valium she focused on creating that safe environment for those kids.  After all,  I am sure she regrets those early years of using film crews and nanny cams to raise her kids while she went to the spa and got new boobs … her and John end their marriage and she is back on TLC’s payroll.  Sad to see Kate exploit her kids yet again so she can remain in the spotlight … just one more season!  I am betting she is looking at her nose and thinking she could make it cuter!

19 Kids and counting … have you seen the Duggar family?  Not much to say here … other than 19 KIDS AND COUNTING – STOP!

Now – do you remember watching the old 1950’s style documentaries where the traveling circus will have the “Freak Show” out back … and for $1 you can go into a tent to see the hairy lady, the lobster boy, the small midgets juggle?  Didn’t we as a society deem that cruel and mean?  When you see those old posters about the “freak show” what thoughts does that bring up inside?  TLC has brought the Freak Show to the smaller screen (TV) – The Little Chocolatiers, The Little Couple, Little People – Big World … there are others, but wouldn’t these shows be the equivalent of the “HEY – Look at the Midget Person!!!”  Same concept if you break it down – spotlight the Midgets … sell advertising to big companies … track the number of people who watch your show … justify to executives why you need MORE MIDGETS!!!  What about the hairy ladies you ask … have you seen the other amazing programming choices on TLC?  Intervention … Hoarders … Hoarders: Buried Alive (since the first Hoarders did so well) … Police Women of {Insert Redneck / White Trash City Here}

So let me ask those who stand up and scream “Objectification” when the topic of strip clubs and Hooters is discussed at parties … Where are you NOW???

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