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Why Billosophy

2010 January 1
by Bill

Billosophy started one fine night over a few glasses of wine in our local wine room / restaurant.  There were about 10 of us hanging out, drinking wine and chatting about life in general when one of my friends started talking about the Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell and his unfathomable actions towards the humans he murdered.  I found myself thrust into a discussion over God and why he would allow someone like this to live and murder, but 5 year old Noah Biorkman was living his short life with stage IV neuroblastoma (sadly Noah passed away in early November and my thoughts are with his family this year).

My friend (I’ll call her Rachel) would continue asking why would God allow this … why would God do this to his humans.  Interestingly enough, one of the participants in this discussion was the preacher from the local church and before he could give his opinion I jumped in.  God did not “do” this to humans … It is the way humans treat each other.  I shared my thoughts with “Rachel” and the preacher for almost an hour.  Arguing that if God allowed one human to be good, and another to be bad … why is it not possible that each human (you and I) can use our own ability to think, and therefore decide and do whatever we want to do.  Critical thinking gives us humans the edge over all the other animals in the world … if there is a God (according to the Bible) he gave us the ability to think and by giving us that ability, God gave up the ability to control us.  So you cant blame God for the atrocities that humans inflict on each other, in my opinion.

“Billosophy” was the word I used that night when “Rachel” asked me why I didnt go into preaching.  She said “You missed your calling!” and I replied … “I am not quite sure how many people would follow Billosophy.”

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