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United States Of Uhh-Merica

2010 January 6
by Bill

Dawn and I watched the movie Idiocracy on accident.  I saw the tagline “The Future Is A No Brainer” and I just had to give it a shot (plus it starred Luke Wilson).  Dawn and I watched this movie in horror and humor.  The title of this post was the working title of the script … the quick run down of the movie is Joe (Luke Wilson) is in the Army and is just the average soldier.  He is used in a “Hibernation” project that was suppose to last only a year, however, Joe wakes up 500 years later to find out he is the smartest person in America.

The movie is an over the top “What If” … but I believe it is closer to a “What Is.”  The movie makes fun of everything from Costco having shuttles to take people around the store, to the TV shows that only show men getting hit in the “soft spot.”  The President of the United states is a wrestler only because he is strong.  If you have not seen this movie – its a must see … funny and horrific at the same time.  Which is why I am writing about it today.

When did we become so scared as a country?  Why are we so reactionary as a country when our enemy (for lack of a better word) is standing right in front of us laughing?  I read a post by Ann Coutler where she states something of interest:

Since Muslims took down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, every attack on a commercial airliner has been committed by foreign-born Muslim men with the same hair color, eye color and skin color. Half of them have been named Mohammed.

Since the year I graduated High School and joined the Navy – 22 years for those playing the home game … our enemy has been the same.  We know who he is … we know many facts about this person.  Why are we not addressing the white elephant in the room (or in this case – the foreign-born Muslim man).  I believe airports should have 2 separate security lines … Muslims in one line, everyone else in another.  Why – because until we as a country show the world we will not stand for intimidation no matter what … we will continue to lose this fight against evil.

I have heard more than once that profiling is not right … however, the FBI profiles criminals, and they do it well.  Why not profile terrorists?  Why not single out those suspicious in airport security, isnt that their job?  The way I see it – as long as we continue creating rules to stop terrorists after they do something … they will always remain one step ahead.

Correct me if I am wrong … they (the terrorists) can blow up planes, churches, markets, or really anything they want, but when one guy draws a comic of Mohammed wearing a bomb as a hat they get offended?  Now, color me confused, but since we now know what pisses them off … why are we NOT using that to our advantage?  Kurt Westergaard – the Danish cartoonist who drew the picture has had his life threatened over that silly picture … he is under police protection because of a cartoon!

We as a country must reinvent who we are – we are ignoring the change going on around us, and that never ends well.  We all know the quote “Never bring a knife to a gun fight” … I think its time for us to change our line of thinking.  It was not that long ago when the early Americans were fighting against the British to protect this new free country.  How did we win, we did not follow the Rules Of War … we did not march shoulder to shoulder into battle … we hid in trees, we ambushed, we divided and conquered.  And We Won!!!

Why are we not doing that now?

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