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The Prosecution Calls …

2010 January 13

Muhammad Abu Tahir to the stand!  If you have not heard this name – it is probably because he is as stupid as they come these days.  Mr Tahir decided to get “unruly” on an Air-Tran flight from Atlanta to San Francisco.  Why – you may ask?  He was REFUSED Alcohol … Cut Off … 86’d (well not from the flight – but from the bar cart!)

A little over 1/2 way to San Francisco – this guy could not wait for another drink.  To the point he had to “interfere with a flight crew.”  Are you serious … 14 days after a Nigerian schmuck tries to blow up a plane over Detroit this guy wants to get his panties in bunch ’cause he cant have another Vodka/Cran?  Just to put it into perspective … it’s a 5 hour 30 min flight from Atlanta to San Francisco, Air Tran has (according to their website) ONE flight from Atlanta to San Francisco!  It leaves at 8:40pm local time.  In less than 3 hours on a flight this guy has to have another drink so bad his actions call for 2 military fighter jets to scramble, they then escort the plane for an undisclosed amount of time until the pilot of the Air-Tran flight has to divert to Colorado Springs.

I am not sure what Muhammad Abu Tahir does for a living, but I think this tool needs to reimburse anyone who missed a connecting flight, the overtime pay the airline had to pay the flight crew and flight attendants, the salary of the two fighter jet pilots along with the fuel consumed by the jets (including the Air Tran jet) … As well as the “rental” fee for having two of OUR military jets escorting the plane.  AFTER that cost has been figured out (oh yea, we’ll charge him for the accountants needed to figure out how much all this actually costs too) we’ll slap this ass with an “acting like a terrorist” charge … Crazy!!!  For good measure – I’ll charge him for the time it took me to write this post too!  Anyone else want in on this?

Tip if you are going to fly … Don’t Be An Ass!!!  If you are going to drink – save the bender for ground level … and if, for any reason the flight attendants tell you something … OBEY THEM!  People are already jumpy when it comes to flying … if anything, take a sleeping pill.

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