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Tattoos Are Permanent – Even On Kids!

2010 January 9

This past week I read an article that at first shocked me … then humored me. Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Bartels are boyfriend/girlfriend. Each has a set of kids from a previous marriage/relationship … a total of 7. The kids age range from 17 to 7. Nothing wrong with this right? Well flash back to a couple days after Thanksgiving and somehow, the topic came up regarding the parents love of tattoos. The kids “decided” they wanted to be like their folks and get tattoos also.

Far be it from Patty Jo and Jacob to sit the kids down and discuss how tattoos are permanent and how they should not be taken lightly. This decision for life is something one should think about before putting needle to skin. Unfortunately – this did not happen. 6 of the 7 kids received small cross type tattoos on the web of their hand. When asked why she tattooed her kids … Patty Jo replied “They asked us to!” – so here is what she and Jacob gave them!

Now – are you ready for what they used to tattoo the kids?

Evidently what Patty Jo and Jacob did not realize is Tattooing your kid is illegal … also, tattooing in the state of Georgia without a license is also illegal.  So, off to jail they went and the kids were temporarily removed from the house but returned when Patty Jo and Jacob posted bail.  This all came to light when one of the 11 year old kids was visiting their biological mom.  The mom asked about the mark and the kid said it was temporary – after not being able to wash it off the bio-mom called the cops to file a complaint.

Like I said at the beginning … at first I was shocked!  How could anyone in their right mind think they were doing something that was OK?  (then I watched the video interview with Patty Jo and I answered my own question).  After the shock of “How could a parent do that” … I realized they were just trying to bond the family.  In their mind they were  bringing the family closer while sharing with their kids what they love – Tattoo’s.  Then I started thinking about other things parents do to their children … I have seen new born girls with pierced ears, did the kid even show an appreciation in ear rings?  What about circumcision for boys – body mutilation at the request of the parents protected by religious beliefs.

I think what Patty Jo and Jacob did was irresponsible and there are consequences to breaking the law (and there is no such thing as the “I didn’t know” defense in my book).  The machine they used looks crazy and unsafe and they will be punished for that too … but for us to judge them on their parenting skills – lets try not to throw those stones too far!

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