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I Own The Word Parent!

2010 January 11

Since there are some people believe words can be owned … I am going to claim ownership of the word “Parent” and all iterations of the word (Parents, Parental, Parenting, etc).

Why am I claiming ownership of a word?  Because I’m seeing groups claim they own the word “Marriage” and it’s definition.  Their public statements baffle my mind.

According to these people, Marriage is strictly defined by the Bible as a union of man and woman.  We are living in a world where if a gay or lesbian couple try to get married – someone in an office gets an email alert and they run out to squash any and all usage of the word “marriage” and all iterations of it (married, marry, etc) pertaining to the relationship!  It is just ignorant.  In our country the right to freedom of speech is held dear and this behavior is a slap in the face to free speech.

Now that the religious nut nuts own the word “Marriage” do we need to pay royalty fees?  Do writers need to submit their compositions to the Marriage police to ensure they’ve used the word correctly?

According to – “Marry” (aside from the Man/Woman definition) is also defined as:

to unite intimately … to combine, connect, or join so as to make more efficient, attractive, or profitable … to cause (food, liquor, etc.) to blend with other ingredients

Also the word “Marriage” (aside from the Man/Woman definition) includes definitions like:

any close or intimate association or union … a formal agreement between two companies or enterprises to combine operations, resources, etc., for mutual benefit; merger … a blending or matching of different elements or components

You may be wondering why I’m going on this little tirade.

I ran across a quote from Jenny Tyree (Marriage Analyst for Focus on the Family in Colorado), the quote was in an article about the health care bill and its effect on married couples – but her quote gave me enough motivation to look her up and read other articles she chimed in on.  My hunch was correct – she is ignorant across the board, not just on the government health care issue (I’ll be posting on that next!).

Regarding marriage, Jenny has been quoted saying:

“Maryland’s homosexual ‘marriage’ proponents betray their short-sighted view of marriage with their constant talk of it simply to obtain benefits and recognition,” she said. “They ignore the fact that the heart of marriage — our most pro-child institution — is to help ensure every child has a mom and a dad.”

Excuse me … but doesn’t biology ensure every child has a “Mom and Dad?”  Isn’t marriage about ensuring the children have a stable family and good parents?

I’m also confused about her statement saying homosexual proponents “betray their short-sighted view of marriage … ” Are you KIDDING me Jenny?  So let me get this straight … you and Focus on the Family would rather have a child raised by a Man/Woman combo no matter what?  Please tell me you and Focus on the Family are not THAT “short-sighted.”  Just because a man knocks up a woman and they have a baby does not make them “parents”  If it were up to me … I would put a child with a loving and caring couple – a couple who understands respect, love, compassion, empathy … a couple that will raise the kid to be a benefit to society!  According to your dogma, this is impossible if this is a gay or lesbian couple.  I do not need to go into all the “what if’s” … I know how you skirt those questions.

So – I now own Parent.  The word parent is defined without regard to biology.  Here are my rules for using the word Parent:

  1. Parent is important, therefore it’s always capitalized.  Parents are deciding what our world will be like in 30 years — they deserve a capitalization.
  2. The word Parent has no ties to biology.  Certainly the biological baby mama and baby daddy can be parents, they can also be losers.  Birthing a child and raising a child are totally different.  Men leave women to be single moms, spouses separate and share the parenting duties in individual households, people live as a family and treat each other horribly every day.  Biology does not make a Parent.
  3. Parents are not focused on being their children’s best friend, they are focused on teaching them the foundation they need to be adults such as; boundaries, responsibilities, societal rules, work ethic, love and support

If marriage is about the family and raising children, then you need Parents to make it work.  I’m on a rampage to take back the word marriage, my first step is to claim Parent so they can’t use it in their narrow hate filled ignorant definition.  Using the Bible to preach hate …. somebody ought to be ashamed of themselves.  But that’s another topic for another day.

With that said … I hereby declare I own the word Parent!!!

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  1. Michael Collins permalink
    January 14, 2010

    Can I own the word “Ignorance” so that I can make up the penaties for the self-rightous people trying to force their personal beliefs down everybody else’s throats? Please? Please???

  2. Bill permalink
    January 14, 2010

    Asked and Answered – DONE … from here on out Mike owns the word “Ignorance” … Congrats Mike, I am sure you will have plenty of fun with that.

    Anyone else want in on a word?

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