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2010 January 19

I watched a movie the other day with Tyler and was surprised at the end to be thrown into such a deep self discussion about life (both in general and my own personal journey).  The movie was The Book Of Eli … if you have not seen it – I highly recommend it.  In this movie Denzel Washington is walking around a post apocalyptic world.  I wont spoil the movie, but he walks around reading a book, a big book.  As the movie progresses you see the importance of this book.  At some point, Denzel (and the movie goers) come to a realization that he has only been ingesting what was written in the book and not sharing what he knows.

I was then skimming around my Facebook news feed and one of my friends (Dan Tocchini) posted a quote by Kierkegaard.  The quote spoke about the difference between a spiritual man and a religious man … here is the quote:

The spiritual man differs from us men in being able to endure isolation, His rank as a spiritual man is proportionate to his strength for enduring isolation, whereas we men are constantly in need of “the others,” the herd. We die, or despair, if we are not reassured by being in the herd, of the same opinion as the herd.

Christianity of the Spiritual Man – Soren Kierkegaard. (page 163)

From this quote I find myself looking back into my life and finding examples of those afraid to be alone … me at many times, insecure in my own thought, afraid of my “lack of friends” and having an attitude of “screw every one, I only have ME to protect me.”  I remember pastors in the church I was raised who would demand their “flock” to do and obey.  Pastors who would constantly need the “you are good, you are ok” affirmation from the flock of the church.  I hold those memories close as to keep a very clear understanding of what a “Spiritual” person is not and how a religious person carries a very different viewpoint.  Dan Tocchini, to me, is a very spiritual person – and I do not thank him enough for his Facebook status updates that challenge my thinking and keep me focused on what I despise and how to avoid the trap.

Another friend of mine, John Terry, commented on an earlier post of mine “Religiosity – The Quality of Being Religious” and asked me in his comment “But where do you stand spiritually?”  I gave some thought into my response and posted those … but felt like my underlying message was not really being explained well.  You know when you have that “Ah-Ha” moment … I had it when I read the quote Dan posted and watched The Book of Eli at the movies.  There is a huge difference between a religious man and a spiritual man … which are you?

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  1. January 19, 2010

    I hope we all aspire to be spiritual whichever teaching we follow.

  2. Pamela E. Owen permalink
    January 20, 2010

    Bill, great post! I have increasingly aspired to be a spiritual person and leave religion behind. I don’t even like to call myself a Christian. I AM a follower of Jesus – sold out to Him and His Word. I strive to do that which is Scriptural, not that which is religious tradition. I’ve also asked my kids’ forgiveness for staying so long with the despotic leadership we chose to follow and for the effect that had on them. In the lovely way God loves to do the ironic, I have found freedom, in the South – the “Bible Belt” of all places. Yey!

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