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A Multiple Choice, Faith Based Life

2010 January 10

Pick 2 out of 3 … this is how I feel sometimes when I discuss religion with others. Their belief in God or whichever “higher power” is defined by what is written in a book … that was written by other humans. Who has it right – Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Christians? Boil it down and all these religions have the same “message” but their delivery is different because of what someone else has written. They all believe there is a God, they all believe there was a Jesus who walked around earth, some believe Jesus was God, some believe he was a prophet, some believe he hung out with other gods … some think he had brothers, some think he had kids … all these beliefs are based on what others have written.

I have been reading up on religion over the past couple weeks and ran across a GREAT chart … The Big Religion Comparison Chart lists 42 belief systems from around the world.  This is in no way an absolute on religion but it is the most comprehensive list I have found.

If you wonder how Islam, Judaism and Christians look at each other – Islam believes Jews and Christians are respected as “People of the Book,” but they have wrong beliefs and only partial revelation.  Jews believe Islam and Christianity are false interpretations and extensions of Judaism.  Christians believe Judaism is a true religion, but with incomplete revelation. Islam is a false religion.  I found this great comparison of Islam, Judaism and Christianity on

Since there are so many differences – and so many cultures in the world, is it possible that there is no “right” religion?  We all believe what we are taught and never as why … why do Christians believe when the Bible says “God created the universe in 7 days” they think it means “7 actual days!”

Bottom line … why put a label on your belief system?  Organized religion has shown us time and time again it teaches fear, submission and you are not good enough without the “leaders.”  After all … why would God tell them how to teach you the proper way to live your life when all through the Bible it teaches you directly how to live?

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