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It Is All About Perspective

2010 January 28
by Bill

I read, mostly to learn, sometimes for entertainment … but always for answers.  I was remembering this morning, something I read a while back (could be a month, could be 2 years ago – its what happens when you are about to turn 40).  I look at living life (how I live) not as a predetermined path of existence bouncing from one episode to the next, but as a multi-level directional path.  I believe everyone on earth has their own path (or life) to journey.

What I do with my life is up to me – I chose the path, the direction, the meaning.  I chose to live my life helping people become better, building people up when they need it, listening to people when they need to talk, guiding people when they ask for help.  This is my choice in what I want to leave behind.  I continue adding to my life, so I may give to others.  What got me thinking about this was what I read a while ago.  We all know there is “Dark” and “Light” … “Hot” and “Cold” … but what if someone were to tell you there is no such thing as “Dark” or “Cold” – what would you say?  What is the first feeling you felt inside your heart or mind when you read those words … think about the concept before reading further.

Welcome Back!  So – what did you feel, what was your reaction?

If you think about it … what is Dark?  Dark = Nothing.  So how can “nothing” be something?  Once something is dark … can we make it darker?  Can we add darkness to that?  We are surrounded by “darkness” or space – the vacuum our whole universe exists in.  So consider this, Dark = the absence of light!

Just like Cold … how do we make something cold?  We remove the heat.  In order to cool the air we have air conditioners that chug alog pumping freon from a gas, through the coils condensing it into a liquid which removes the heat from the air and the result is “cold air.”

But what if there is no such thing as Cold?  -459.67 degrees … Absolute Zero!  You cant get any colder than that – Scientists said so!  So, if Absolute Zero is as low as it goes, how can “Cold” be?  You cant make something colder that Absolute Zero – right?  Along the same lines of Dark … I will say Cold = the absence of heat!

So where am I going with this … LIFE … how do you live your life?  Your life starts at birth (or conception – but we are not discussing that today!) … when your life starts you begin learning.  Learn how to chose, learn how to adapt, learn how to BE who you are.  What you ADD to your life is the path and direction you take.  So, by thinking along this logic path … Is there such thing as BAD (Evil) or could we define “Bad” as an absence of Good?

Every person is born the same – as a baby, with ZERO knowledge of anything else.  We are taught by life, the environment, parents, friends, teachers, strangers, animals, everything!  From the first day – we begin learning.  When we say “That person is Evil” or “That person is Bad!” … I think that is a misstatement.  People who do Bad or Evil things are just lacking the “Good” in their life.

I want to challenge your way of thinking – instead of defining those around you as “Bad” … look to see the level of good they have.  I am going to bet … 99% of the time you will find they are just low in that category.  There is no Dark, its just the absence of light … there is no Cold, just the absence of hot … and there is no Evil, it is just the absence of Good!

If you live to do good, be good and show others how to be good … what would happen?

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  1. January 28, 2010

    Good and Evil does not exist; only choice. You have to think about your life and existence as a continuous strive to reach that point of light in the darkness of your void.

  2. January 28, 2010

    Very positive post.
    It is a challenge to think of everything in life as some level of positive. But, that’s just the thing. The more we can control out behaviors and thoughts to project the good and the positive, the more likely it is that the universe will return the favor.
    Keep truckin’

  3. Sandi permalink
    January 28, 2010

    WOW!! WOW! Wow….

  4. Bill permalink
    January 28, 2010

    Thanks Sandi and Tyler – you guys are the best!

    Eric, something has to exist … Light exists so Darkness can be real … Heat exists so cold can be too. Both light and heat are measurable … as is the absence of both. I think by ignoring the existence of something is to make yourself ignorant on the subject and therefore vulnerable to misinformation. I understand the point you are making … however, I would challenge you to think a different way about it. Do not “strive to reach the point of light in the darkness of your void” … but maybe BE the light in the darkness and strive to reach it out as far as you can imagine. The light is not the end point, it is where the “good” starts and that is first with you … and then share it with others.

    I love you man!

  5. January 28, 2010

    To me, Light/Dark & Hot/Cold etc are merely subjective modifiers. These modifiers still only affect the same given “thing”. “Good” and “Evil” are only perceptions derived from a choice of an observer observing that particular thing.

    The “strive for light” thing was a time & space tangent brought about from a very powerful movie I watched last night, sorry about that 😛

    What I meant though was that “being” the light doesn’t happen at the flip of a switch. Learning to change your thoughts and way of thinking to align yourself with your source takes time, and over that time (as you get closer to that ultimate light) you, too, will get brighter; thus shedding the light.

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