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2010 New Year Resolution

2009 December 24
by Bill

Three days and counting – Starting Jan 1, 2010 I will be embarking on a journey into who I am and why I believe what I do.  I will be talking about my observations and opinions on anything that happens during this year.  So far I have had to bite my tongue (well, more like hold back posting) … with Tiger Woods topic and the recent attempt at bombing an airplane – I find it interesting how “News” is reported and also, how people will attach themselves emotionally to a cause that has zero effect on them or their lives.

I am also going to be slowly unwrapping this onion I call Religiosity – what I think about it, what my opinion is about it and why I am so vehemently against the Church and “Organized Religion.”

I am dubbing 2010 – the year of enlightenment and I look forward to everyone’s take on my thoughts and opinions.

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